The friends and family behind rivvibe™


Jose Rivera

Jose Rivera started sharing his family drink with friends back in 2016 and was constantly receiving positive reactions. "Wow! This is refreshing!" "Where did you get this?" "Have you ever thought about selling this drink?" "Ahhhh, this is good!" 

Hearing such great feedback, it was only a matter of time before Jose took action. He began looking for a business partner that could match his sales and passion for his family tea, and in 2017, Jose and Brian LaBlanc co-founded Actively Developing Healthy Drinks, LLC. 


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Brian LaBlanc

Brian LaBlanc and Jose had been friends for many years. With over 10 years of experience in the financial industry, as both an investment adviser and a department leader, Brian's strategic and financial expertise made him a perfect match as co-founder, investor, and Chief Executive Officer.  

" I immediately recognized the potential of the sports tea Jose brought to me.  The more I researched the market potential, the more exciting the story became. There were no sports drinks on the market that could be considered "healthy" and none that could boast the all natural ingredient list and low sugar content, with all the benefits rivvibe™ provided. I am honored and excited to be on this jouney, with this team, offering fitness and health enthusiasts a natural, healthy option to sports drinks." - Brian LaBlanc



Joy LaBlanc

Joy LaBlanc's husband is Brian, the co-founder of rivvibe™. As Jose and Brian began the process of starting a business and launching a product, Joy's experience as a Project and Product Manager in a Fortune 100 company filled an experience gap within the team. She came on as an investor, business partner, and Chief Operating Officer in May of 2017. 

"When I first heard of rivvibe™, I was intrigued. I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was a teenager, along with two of my younger siblings. Knowing there was a sports drink I could help bring to market that was a healthy, diabetic-friendly alternative to all the high sugar drinks out there was appealing. I am thrilled to be part of this business and look forward to bringing additional all natural and low sugar products to market. " - Joy LaBlanc

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